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On this page I share observations and thoughts on how the science community should interact with the public.

Ulli Schauen, Köln 03.03.2017

I started it in 2013 (on another web domain) when I conducted media trainings with food scientists all over Europe in a EU programme. The participants gave me nice good reviews.

Be it in Reykjavik or Tartu, in Lisboa or Athens, one remarkable observation was the same: The gaps between the scientists’ community and the media are the same everywhere. Whereas there is more common ground among for the two groups each, they have their challenges in understanding the minds and needs of the other group.

As usual, the EU programme that I was working with was concluded and terminated without leaving traces in the WWW (but you can look it up here on archive.org). After “Framework 7” (EU term) ended, the information about it ended.

This seems to be typical for any funding- and donor-generated programme, and the mechanism may be worth a special article: The information ends when the programme ends ???

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